Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Classiest Guy In The NFL

By now, all of the sports world knows that Lane Kiffin was fired today. Kiffin has been on the hot seat since the beginning of 2008, when Lane wanted to find a replacement for Rob Ryan, who must be Al Davis' illegitimate son the way he thinks the world revolves around him, at DC. So a team executive told Kiffin last night that he was going to be canned and that Mr. Decomposition would be calling him in the morning. Not only does someone other than Davis tell him he is going to be fired, Davis does it over a phone call. Then to top it all off they are trying to not pay him the remaining salary left on his contract. Because Lane was not afraid to speak his mind, the Raiders will probably win that battle, claiming that the coach was insubordinate, and merited the firing. How long before the old decrepit bastard realizes that he should have sent Ryan out the door with him. Probably never. Al Davis will Matt Millenize him. Al Davis should fire himself. He as already ran the team into the ground. Not much further he can go. Al Davis is a scum bag.

The Raiders players were at least trying for Kiffin. They respected him and bought into his system. He was not even allowed to address the team upon his firing. Even Scott Linehan was afforded the opportunity to address his team, and his team had no respect for him.

The Lane Kiffin watch is officially on in Syracuse.

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