Friday, September 26, 2008

First Box in Years

So I get home today and to my delight there is a package waiting for me on my front patio. Being that this is the first box that i have opened in a couple of years. I have the box broke in about 5 minutes. At first I thought that this was a great looking set. A lot of that had to do with my initial excitement. After mulling it over for a while, I have to admit that the 2008 SPX Football is ok. While it is not an overall great design it is not bad.

Breaking down what I "pulled" out of this box, I have to say that I may not have gotten the value of what I paid, however I am happy with a lot of the cards that came out of this box. I got a few lower end rookies and another low end rookie autograph. Most likely a bunch of guys who may never make it in the league, but I will hold on to them, because you just never know. I also got on redemption card for a SPx Football Super Script Amobi Okoye. I am actually hoping that UD can fill this redemption. I have been a fan of Okoye for the last couple of years he was in college.
Here a couple of signature and game used cards that I am excited about. I think these guys will grow into stars and can only add value to my set. The design on the cards is not stellar, but I don't think they are bad.

Then there is this guy, who I am still a little iffy on.

The one base set rookie that I did pull is John David Booty. I dont think the lay out of the card is too bad. Booty looks like he is still in the middle of an acid trip. I am not a big Vikes or USC fan so this one was little bit of a disappointment.

Here are the two multiple player game used cards that came from the box. The first one I think is awesome and I love the layout. I think the layout of the second one is pretty ugly.

This is my favorite card out of the box. Not so much for the design, nor am I a big Denver fan, but I do like Royal and I think the card has a nice looking patch.

Well, there you have it. I know that the pictures are not the best in the world, sorry that some of them are a little crooked (I have a pretty old scanner). May not have been the best box in the world, but I am really happy about out. Especially considering it was my first break in a while. I would be interested in hearing any feedback on what you think about this break.

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